New Family Data

Our database is updated every single night. We have the most up-to-date new family lists on the market today. We have many sources that we work with, including national contacts with utilities companies.

We know when someone moves into their new home within 24 hours!

New Families for Dentists can provide to each dentist all of the new families that have just moved into their town or community on a weekly basis or a monthly basis.

Imagine reaching a new family that has just moved into town 1 to 2 days ago, while your competition’s offer arrives 30 to 90 days later. Long after you’ve already won the client’s business. That’s Exciting!

Most “ordinary” data companies offer data that is often 30 to 90 days old. By that time, whatever opportunity you had to earn that new families business has been lost. Not with us! We know when someone moves into town within 24 hours. That’s Fast! That allows us to get the new family’s name and address to you within just a few days.